TEN TO FALL FOR THIS FALL – Katya Dobryakova

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Posted on October 19 2017


We are happy to share some tips on how to be fashionable without compromising comfort and the importance of confidence no matter what you have on. But 1st — Invest in COATS! They’re comfortable and look good with almost anything. And they make a look more complicated when you need to wear something nice but you’re not in the mood to fully commit.

2. DENIM JACKET — think like a lady, act like a boss!

3. SWEATSHIRT —all the gold that you need is already on u

4. Decorated SHIRT —team up with distressed denim

5. Ecru SWEATSHIRT — show your mood with no words

6. JACQUARD COAT — structured silhouette for fall 

7. BOMBER — mix from jeans to a slip silk dress

8. Relaxed silhouette  CARDIGAN — wear it at the weekends

9. SOCKS and heels — autumn combo for fashionistas


10. TURTLENECK — wear with everything in this season