TEN TO FALL FOR THIS FALL – Katya Dobryakova



We are happy to share some tips on how to be fashionable without compromising comfort and the importance of confidence no matter what you have on. But 1st — Invest in COATS! They’re comfortable and look good with almost anything. And they make a look more complicated when you need to wear something nice but you’re not in the mood to fully commit.

2. DENIM JACKET — think like a lady, act like a boss!

3. SWEATSHIRT —all the gold that you need is already on u

4. Decorated SHIRT —team up with distressed denim

5. Ecru SWEATSHIRT — show your mood with no words

6. JACQUARD COAT — structured silhouette for fall 

7. BOMBER — mix from jeans to a slip silk dress

8. Relaxed silhouette  CARDIGAN — wear it at the weekends

9. SOCKS and heels — autumn combo for fashionistas


10. TURTLENECK — wear with everything in this season