The Brand – Katya Dobryakova

Who We Are

Katya Dobryakova is a contemporary fashion brand. Originally from Russia, we are a group of graphic designers, iconoclasts, style leaders. From the beginning, our philosophy has guided our motif: whimsical yet powerful blends of pop culture, social and political upheaval, and satire. We are as complex as the images we create, as bold as the colors in our art. We are provocateurs with ironic half-smiles, deep thinkers with a lightness of being. 2020 marks our ten-year anniversary, and we have been distributing our apparel worldwide since 2015.

What We Create

Katya Dobryakova offers basic cuts for discerning individuals who aren’t afraid of making a statement. From tees to dresses, our designs are recognized worldwide by their intricately woven themes and symbols, tongue-in-cheek riffs on popular culture, and irreverent slogans.

The elaborate embroidery brings life and dimension to iconic, vibrant images; while the combination of art and message conveys a deeper meaning. Our clothing is contemporary but looks to a kaleidoscopic future.

We are proud to say that all production is done in-house, from embroidery to quality control. As a result, KD is able to deliver haute couture clothing of the highest standard at an approachable price point.